Don’t Let Your Research Stagnate

The room tittered with excitement as Vault Consulting executives Mike Hayes and Ian Santo Domingo took the stage in Salt Lake City last month at the 2016 ASAE Annual Meeting and Exposition. What ensued was a workshop that promised to leave nonprofit professionals with a better understanding of how a cyclical approach to research can have a positive impact on published research, and can also improve efficiency and ultimately their association’s bottom line.

About their presentation, Don’t Let Your Research Stagnate, Amanda Myers of Abila wrote, “Presenters Mike Hayes and Ian Santo Domingo offered up suggestions and a thoughtful, organized approach, designed to help organizations of any size… Broadening your thinking beyond just promotion metrics positions your organization as relevant, providing the kind of research that drives engagement and the long-term meaningful relationships that position you for enduring success.”

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Missed the session? Download the slides to:

  • Understand what it takes to build an ecosystem around a research initiative
  • Discover new ways to “keep the conversation going”
  • Learn new techniques to keep members engaged in the research
  • Attract new members by using it as a recruitment tool
  • Create a new source of revenue for your association