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Horner's Corner: 4 Steps for Successful Goal Achievement

4 Steps for Successful Goal Achievement

The New Year is upon us! Could it be time to refocus on YOU? What would you like to achieve in 2023?

Goal setting may feel daunting. To assist, I’m sharing my 4 Steps for Successful Goal Achievement.

Step 1 – Set a positive attitude!

Believe you’re going to achieve your goal! Picture the “I DID IT” moment! Let the vision of confetti raining down inspire you. Motivation is a critical driver toward goal achievement. Keep your positive attitude present as you pursue your goal!

Step 2 – Challenge yourself!

Set a meaningful goal! Make it big, challenging, and tough.

I call these BHAGs – Big Hairy Audacious Goals. A goal must challenge you; without challenge, there is no change.

How do you know you’ve developed a BHAG? There will be a feeling in your stomach that lets you know you’re embarking on something hard. That feeling indicates you have a BHAG.

Step 3 – Make it S.M.A.R.T.

Specific. Measurable. Attainable or Actionable. Realistic or Relevant. Time-Oriented.

Most professionals can quickly develop the SMT steps. We all love being specific, setting deadlines, and measuring results. Don’t leave out the A&R!

To make your goal ATTAINABLE or ACTIONABLE, determine the steps which must be taken. Develop your plan, create your path, and then prepare to walk through those steps.

Build in the appropriate timeframe and identify resources needed to make this plan and path REALISTIC.

Step 4 – Accountability

Develop a mechanism to be accountable to yourself. Use your phone, laptop, fridge, vanity mirror, or whatever will work best for you!

Find an accountability buddy and tell them about your goal. Those who care about you will be invested in your goal pursuit. They will offer support, encouragement, and sometimes helpful advice.

Revisit your goal often and celebrate your milestones! If you stumble along the path, reset a positive attitude, and keep going.

Set aside at least an hour to work through the 4 Steps. Develop your goal and define your path.

My absolute best wishes for an incredible 2023. I know it will be a fantastic year for all.


Amy Horner, CPA, MBA
Amy Horner, CPA, MBA
Amy’s goal-oriented nature makes her the ideal executive to focus on the execution of Vault’s strategic initiatives while leading the firm’s operations team.  A high-energy change agent, Amy brings her well-rounded experience and...
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