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Horner's Corner: Beach Week! What’s on Your Summer Reading List?

Beach Week! What’s on Your Summer Reading List?

Traditionally, July is incredibly popular for beach trips!  And while this means different destinations, complications, coordinations, and perhaps even a few libations, it also means that many adults are on the search for a good book, interesting article or captivating podcast.

Reading on summer vacation, or even on summer weekends, is the adult version of that assigned reading we enjoyed during summer break as kids.  How fascinating – what often seemed like torture during our formative years has led to a lifelong habit!  We look forward to unwinding with a good book by the pool, or with our toes in the sand. 

At Vault, we host our Collaboration Station during the summer months.  This is a place for Vaulters to share their favorite summer reading or podcasts.  While much of what is shared revolves around professional development or firm initiatives, many summer readers also enjoy escaping into science fiction, history or romance!

What has been on the top of your reading list this year?!  Personally, I’m re-reading Simon Sinek’s “Start with Why”.  Such a powerful message and wonderful reminder from both a professional and personal perspective that helps me align my day-to-day with my long-term goals.  Last month, I read for at least the 10th time Nina Riggs’ “The Bright Hour”, which offers an amazing perspective and humor in the face of a devastating cancer diagnosis. 

As I head to the beach in a few weeks, I would love a few recommendations!  My inbox is always open: