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Horner's Corner: Evolution of the CPA Profession

Evolution of the CPA Profession

All professions continually evolve, including for those of us who are CPAs.  The hybrid approach and remote enablement of our workforce has been a drumbeat for some time, as have other changes. 

What now seems like small steps forward has been extraordinarily accelerated over the past two years.  Change can be tough!  Many CPAs are mourning the loss of the past.  It’s where they were most comfortable.  What’s important to acknowledge (if you haven’t already), is that things will not “return to normal”. 

Let’s toss operating in a pre-pandemic business as usual fashion out the window!  We need to collaborate with our peers to get comfortable in the present and prepare for the future.

BE FLEXIBLE!  With new policies or approaches you put in place, be ready and willing to adjust them as the profession and the work environment continues to change.  Remaining nimble will make it easier to navigate unpredictability.

EMBRACE FAILURE! It’s going to happen.  We’re all navigating a new environment!  Don’t be afraid to choose a direction that might not work out!  If failure happens, embrace it, admit it, learn from it, and move forward!  Most importantly, do not let fear of failure prevent you from making a decision!

SEEK FEEDBACK!  Everyone in your organization has an opinion.  Most likely, the loudest ones receive the most attention.  Come up with a vehicle – like an anonymous survey – to collect feedback from your workforce.  Take the time to objectively evaluate that feedback!  Keep it in mind as you implement changes!

We all play a part in the evolution of the CPA profession.  Be it large or small, we’re all part of the generation who will define the new “business as usual”.  And if you decide to move forward with that survey, let me know if we can help!