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Horner's Corner: Giving Tuesday – the Power of Hashtags

Giving Tuesday – the Power of Hashtags

In November 2020, Americans did it BIG!  Stats and research show that close to 35 million people contributed just under $2.5 billion to U.S. nonprofits.  That’s billion with a B.  Amazing!

Giving Tuesday, or #givingtuesday if you’re hip, has been part of our lives since 2012.  Helping to raise awareness of nonprofits and the missions they represent, this annual day of giving follows on the heels of deals! 

Black Friday and Cyber Monday give us the opportunity to find bargains galore!  As we come down from that high, Giving Tuesday provides momentum and amplification to our nation’s nonprofits.  It gives us the chance to be generous and charitable, to contribute to a cause greater than our own, to assist people and communities.  To provide hope where it is most needed.

Giving Tuesday represents the best in all of us, captured in one day of nonprofit donations.

At Vault, we focus our services on the nonprofit and association community.  Most Vaulters identify their work in support of nonprofits and their missions as something they cherish most about the responsibilities they carry out on a daily basis.  To provide financial and statistical acumen while carrying the load of research and accounting responsibilities allows our clients’ employees to focus on the advancement of their mission and the support of their membership.  That’s incredibly powerful.

Vault is proud to be a member of the professional services community supporting nonprofits and associations.  These organizations make an immeasurable impact each and every day.  We enjoy watching them champion their causes and tally their Giving Tuesday results, among other fundraising efforts!