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Horner's Corner: It’s Homecoming SZN!

It’s Homecoming SZN!

If you follow Vault on LinkedIn, you know we recently celebrated our 4th annual Vault University Homecoming!  When we created Vault U, HoCo was an obvious event for us.  In addition to a day of education and professional development, HoCo boasts events you’d expect, chili, tailgating, even football!  A paper football bracket-style tournament, but it’s still football, trophy and all.

More than just fun, games and camaraderie, Vault U fills a critical professional development component for our Vaulters.  A handful of years ago we were facing a problem.   Recent exit interviews had a common and concerning theme: we were not providing a platform for growth, continuing education and ascension of the ladder.  Added to those woes, our annual performance process was ineffective. 

To tackle the problem, a task force comprised of professionals representing each of the firm’s technical roles was assembled.  We embarked on the creation and implementation of our university.  A collection of internally developed and taught courses across technical, communications and corporate curriculums, Vault U. aimed to tackle the lack of professional development and continuing education that our prior and current employees had identified.  Courses are offered both in-person and via video conferencing.  Vaulters have embraced the learning culture Vault U. offers. 

Members of our leadership team teach at least one Vault U course.  Personally, I enjoy teaching several courses on communication, leadership, mentorship, and goal setting.  And yes, there are plenty of mentions of the topic of change, continuous improvement and embracing new approaches! 

Turnover ratio has decreased while the number of employees earning promotions and professional certifications has increased dramatically.  Vault U. is featured on our website and is cited by most, if not all, new-hire candidates as a differentiator from other potential employers.  Following a successful application to the National Association of State Boards of Accountancy (NASBA), we are now a registered sponsor on the National Registry of CPE Sponsors.  An incredible stamp of approval from the governing body of continuing education for our profession.   

Vault U is part of what makes our firm unique.  And don’t worry, if you missed the LinkedIn posts a few weeks ago, it’s not too late to give us a follow.  You can do that here!

Happy Fall Y’all!