Leveraging Technology to Sharpen Your Association’s Research

Leveraging Technology to Sharpen Your Association’s Market Research

Vault Consulting is offering a new presentation called “Leveraging Technology to Sharpen Your Association’s Research”. Our presentation will take place on June 1st and will focus on the following four cutting edge market research techniques:

Each technique will be thoroughly explained and demonstrated during the presentation. Attendees will learn valuable information including case study results and when each technique might apply to their association.

Benefits of Market Research

There are many benefits of market research. Market research allows associations to better understand how the general public feels. It also allows associations to connect with and learn about their target audience. This can be beneficial for a number of reasons. However, traditional methods of market research can present limitations. The need for innovative techniques is becoming more and more important.

Technology and Market Research

Technological advances have transformed the way in which market research is performed. Technology provides us with a number of ways to reach people and understand their lives. Newer approaches to market research increase the feasibility of blended methods, saving associations both time and cost.

Even though traditional methods of market research are still widely used, there are many new market research methods that might be more effective for associations of all sizes. Today, digital technology makes it easier than ever to access respondents globally and gather insights instantaneously. Perhaps the biggest benefit of digital market research is that targeting is extremely accurate.

New Market Research Techniques for Associations

Our new research techniques are more economical, engaging, inclusive and convenient than any other type of market research. Our informative presentation will cover everything your association needs to know to take advantage of these innovative techniques. After the presentation our Managing Director, Jeffrey C. Adler, PRC will be available to answer any questions you might have.

Vault Consulting offers specialized market research services that are specially designed to help associations, non-profits and their affiliates excel their mission and perform their business functions with increased efficiency and assurance. Please contact us for more information about our comprehensive market research services.