Mock New Product / Formulary Committees

Cost pressures and increased budgetary scrutiny have resulted in more difficult and complicated healthcare purchasing processes that involve more and more decision makers. Vault has developed a unique methodology using mock new product and formulary approval committees to recreate the interdisciplinary decision making process. This technique allows Vault clients a “trial run” to:

  • Observe discussions between clinical and administrative parties firsthand, as decisions are made
  • Use projective techniques to gain insights which would otherwise be “blocked”
  • Explore how different strategies can positively or negatively impact the process

Vault Managing Director, Jeff Adler has been a featured presenter on Mock Committees at several national conferences. In the following video from one of these conferences, Jeff discusses Mock New Product Committees.  You will learn:

  • What they are all about
  • Who is involved
  • How & why they work
  • How to use to influence business decisions
  • Actions
  • How they flow