Vault Consulting has the vision, the knowledge, and the experience in primary market research. Vault Consulting has the key to unlock the tools to hit your targets.

Vault consultants possess a depth of knowledge gained from decades of experience that enable us to serve as your very own trusted advisors. Vault Consulting performs extensive primary market research using the broadest spectrum of programs — all in the name of solving problems and of meeting ambitious business goals.

When you make the decision to work with Vault Consulting, you will benefit from more than mere research execution. Our customized solutions apply the right mix of methodologies ideally suited for your research needs. Once completed, Vault consultants set about the work of providing meaningful conclusions and actionable recommendations.

We apply both quantitative and qualitative research methods to areas such as product testing, new product positioning, customer satisfaction, advertising research and trademark litigation. Vault Consulting’s experienced primary market research team is adept at surveying defined and often hard-to-reach populations in industries that include:

  • Healthcare
  • Packaged goods
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Retail
  • Medical devices and surgical supplies
  • Life sciences
  • Travel
  • Publishing
  • Insurance carriers
  • Financial services

Vault Consulting operates on a global scale, and is proud to offer its clients an expert-level capability in virtually every market, established and emerging. Many of our international research programs are led with on-site project management by a Vault consultant. Additionally, our team works with local multi-lingual moderators and simultaneous translators, to facilitate seamless communication (Transcripts are provided in English).

Our Services

Quantitative Research

When research objectives call for quantifiable results, Vault Consulting steps in to collaborate with you; Vault works to understand each client’s specific needs in order to develop a custom approach designed to meet those needs. Through years of e...


Qualitative Research

Vault Consulting has extensive experience managing qualitative research projects for a variety of nonprofit, consumer, medical/pharmaceutical, publishing and business-to-business clients. Whether as part of a stand-alone exploratory endeavor, or as a...


Quantitative to Qualitative Studies

Quantitative to qualitative studies yield deeper, more comprehensive insights. In a partnership with Vault, going beyond the numbers for additional insight has never been easier or more efficient. We couple our experience with the use of modern techn...


Online Homework Tool for In-Person

New online research applications can make a valuable addition to current traditional methods. Vault consultants can engage respondents in online "homework" assignments to provide them with an eased experienced and ensure optimal data collection that ...


Convention/On-site Research

At Vault, we appreciate convention/on-site research as an invaluable tool and use it to meet many of our clients’ needs. It offers the opportunity to conduct research among a more readily available and receptive audience in a cost effective manner,...


Difficult Recruits

Vault consultants have specific experience conducting research among hard-to-reach and/or hard-to-identify audiences. We employ a myriad of approaches to find, screen, and recruit the correct respondents. Some of these approaches include: ...


Mobile Research

Vault is committed to using modern research practices. Several market research industry reports indicate mobile technology is the fastest growing market research execution method, and that distinction is expected to continue. This method is extremely...


Video Capture

Video Capture is the latest advancement in marketing research, and represents an opportunity to get more out of open-ended research questions. What is Video Capture? Video capture involves embedding an “answer by video...



Vault’s primary market research solutions are always customized and we will work with you to develop the methodology that is best suited for your budget and the insights you require. Our consultants have extensive experience applying the following methodologies in research initiatives of any scope and scale.

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Attitude and Usage Studies

  • Customer Satisfaction Studies
  • Mindset / Attitudes Research
  • Public Opinion Studies
  • Employee / Membership Studies
  • Tracking Studies

Communications Research

  • Concept Testing
  • Advertising Studies
    • Advertising Effectiveness Tests
    • Logo Testing
    • Pre/Post Market Campaign Tests
  • Motivators / Barriers Research

Brand / Product Research

  • Product Testing
  • Brand Comparison / Production Selection Research

Strategic Research

  • Segmentation
  • Market Size and Share Estimation
  • Pricing Research
  • Loyalty Program Design Studies

Industries Served

Vault has performed thousands of custom primary market research studies. Although many know us for our specialties in Business-to-Business/Industrial Research and Healthcare/Medical Research, our consultants have deep experience working with clients representing a broad array of sectors. We are proud to provide the following at-a-glance look of industries we have partnered with over the years.

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