Mobile Research

Vault is committed to using modern research practices. Several market research industry reports indicate mobile technology is the fastest growing market research execution method, and that distinction is expected to continue. This method is extremely versatile – accommodating qualitative and quantitative research, stand-alone and multi-phase studies and a variety of response types. It also provides the respondent with an engaging, convenient and flexible experience. Our consultants often use mobile marketing research for:

  • Convenient, on-the-go access to short, or quick turnaround quantitative surveys
  • Research objectives desiring in situ (in vivo) responses to trigger points or events, as they occur
  • Obtaining ongoing thoughts/emotions/behavior/impressions in context and over time, with or without moderator interaction

Mobile Ethnography

The use of mobile technology has transformed how researchers and respondents interact with market research, and ethnography is no exception. Prior to mobile, researchers had to choose between traditional in-person ethnography offering deep insights at the expense of time and money or participant-driven journaling which, while relatively inexpensive, often lacks depth and is subject to respondent recall and perception.

With the adoption of mobile, there is now a middle ground in mobile ethnography offering depth of insight without sacrificing time and money.

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Benefits of Mobile

  • Participants can respond anytime, anywhere
  • Flexibility
  • Handles both qualitative and quantitative research
  • Used for stand-alone or multi-phase studies
  • Is engaging to respondents