Video Capture

Video Capture is the latest advancement in marketing research, and represents an opportunity to get more out of open-ended research questions.

What is Video Capture?

Video capture involves embedding an “answer by video” option to one or more open-ended questions in an online or mobile survey. Recent advancements have given Vault the ability to use video capture across mobile, tablet, laptop and desktop devices without the need for additional plugins or mobile apps. Choosing the option simply begins a short duration video recording session.

After the session is recorded, Vault generates a machine transcript and then a human does further editing to improve the transcript. Once the transcript is generated, answers can be coded similarly to how traditional text based answers would be coded.

What are the Key Advantages to Video Capture?

  • Vault has found that video capture generates six times more volume of answers compared to traditional text.
  • More respondents will choose to answer open-ended questions, as some respondents simply prefer to provide a verbal response as opposed to typing a response.
  • Video clips can be used as part of the reporting and presentation processes – and used correctly, the clips have much greater impact than traditional charts, tables, and graphs.

What types of Market Research that would benefit from Video Capture?

  • New Product Development
  • Advertising Comprehension & Reactions
  • Micro-ethnography
  • Net Promoter Score studies
  • Voice of the Customer
  • Customer Satisfaction

Watch the following reel to understand the benefits of video capture.