5 Benefits of Outsourced Accounting

Collaborative Accounting is Better More isn’t always better, but as it relates to an accounting team, extra minds are never a problem! A team of professional accountants combining their different knowledge and backgrounds is always better than one in-house employee. With outsourced accounting, y...

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Visual and Effective Financial Reporting


Financial presentations are important to the success of any organization. However, many individuals have difficulty presenting financial information in such a way that engages their audience and sends a clear, easy to understand message. Providing too much information or too many details can quic...

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Is Your Data “Significant”?

WHAT IS STATISTICAL SIGNIFICANCE AND WHEN DOES IT APPLY TO YOUR RESEARCH? As an independent third party that assists associations in their research efforts, Vault is often asked if the results of research projects are “significant”. Clients collecting data ask this question in reference to the ...

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Understanding Financial Statements for Non-Profits

Although you probably have a general understanding of accounting principals, you might not be familiar with the way in which non-profits present their financial statements. These statements are presented in a very unique way. The following are the statements issued by non-profits: Statement of ...

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