Political Action Committee Internal Controls Best Practices

With high levels of reporting and public scrutiny, Political Action Committees (PACs) are required to have some of the most transparent finances.  Even so, PACs are still vulnerable to fraudulent activities.  Strong internal controls are crucial to the protection of a PAC’s assets. In 2007, t...

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5 Things Non-Profits Should Know About the 2018 Tax Bill

The new tax bill signed into law last month came as a major blow to nonprofit organizations. The bill creates a number of issues for both nonprofits and the people that support them. The tax bill includes provisions that will likely affect the amount of people giving charitable donations in 2018....

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Benefits of Programmatic Sample Exchange

Programmatic Sample Exchange (PSE) is an evolutionary step beyond both traditional panel sampling and sample aggregation.  PSE’s afford the broadest possible representation at what will often be the lowest cost.  Perhaps even more importantly, PSE enables reliability – meaning that if you were...

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DATA RETENTION POLICY: What is it and why have one?

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Think back to the last email or electronic file you used. When you were finished with the file did you just save it and file it away? This laissez faire approach to file management may be tempting, but having a Data Retention Policy in place will benefit your organization as well as your members or ...

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