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Successful organizations have a keen ability to understand and anticipate customer needs and empathize with their expectations. Keeping abreast of these evolving needs is a challenge that we help many clients overcome.

Vault specializes in helping organizations understand customer priorities by developing customized surveys and statistical programs to collect, analyze and report on key data, trends and industry movements. We engage customers in a variety of survey research initiatives, ranging from benchmarking of financial and operational data to creating highly sought after industry reports. Our research solutions provide invaluable business intelligence to help organizational leaders shape strategy, make informed decisions and ultimately provide amplified customer value.

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Industry Market Report Free Assessment

Vault offers free assessments for associations with existing industry market report programs in place. Industry market reports can go by many different names but are commonly run data programs by manufacturing and trade associations that provide thei...


Industry Market Reports

If you run a trade association, your organization is uniquely positioned to provide the leading source of information on key market trends for your industry. By implementing a customized industry market report program that collects, analyzes and repo...


Benchmarking Studies

Many members cite their association’s benchmarking surveys as the primary reason for retaining membership. Benchmarking provides your members with actionable intelligence to objectively assess their performance compared to industry peers, meaningfu...


Individual Company Reports

Individual Company Reports allow your members to easily compare their data submission to published benchmarking studies and industry market reports. Custom Industry Market Reports Once your members receive valuable market information, the ...


Interactive Reporting & Dashboards

Vault offers interactive reports and dashboards that allow your association executives and members to easily explore results from every angle, make connections, answer questions and find meaningful insights. Features include: Rich chartin...


Member Needs Assessments and Issue Driven Surveys

Keeping abreast of evolving customer needs is a challenge that Vault helps many clients overcome. Organizations often lack personnel who are experienced in the type of research and survey methodologies needed to obtain accurate and up-to-date data. ...


Event Research & Analysis

Vault removes speculation from the evaluation and measurement of your tradeshow, exhibition or convention. Whether you want to know the percentage and profile of delegates that stayed in the preferred hotels at your annual convention or if the exhibi...


Information Management

Vault can provide you with the customized tools to manage your information, especially when the one-size-fits-all approach just won’t do. We create tailor-made solutions for your most challenging business problems. Custom Web Application Des...


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