Event Research & Analysis

Vault removes speculation from the evaluation and measurement of your tradeshow, exhibition or convention. Whether you want to know the percentage and profile of delegates that stayed in the preferred hotels at your annual convention or if the exhibition industry is experiencing overall growth/decline this year, Vault can enlighten you with answers based on hard data.

Attendance Audits

Each year, exhibitors, advertisers, media and attendees make decisions about the tradeshows and exhibitions in which they will participate. A critical component of that decision-making process is accurate, trustworthy statistics about the number and quality of attendees from year to year. With the vast amount of data collected prior to and during the event, Vault, certified by the Exhibition and Event Industry Audit Commission (EEIAC), can conduct an attendance audit to verify the accuracy of that data.

Economic Impact Studies

Your tradeshow, exhibition or convention is often the most important service you provide to your members. However, your event also offers tremendous value to the host city. Vault can reveal the total economic impact of your event on the host city. This information will provide insight into delegate profiles, delegate spending habits, average exhibiting company spending, hotel attrition rates and other valuable metrics. When armed with accurate economic impact data, you will be empowered with the information you need to negotiate the best deals for your organization’s future events.

Event Surveys

Our event surveys are part of a comprehensive approach to evaluating tradeshows, exhibitions and conferences. Vault can deliver insightful feedback from show attendees and non-attendees, exhibitors and non-exhibitors, as well as association members and non-members in order to paint a complete picture. The knowledge gained from a strategically designed Vault event survey enables management to make data-driven decisions.