Individual Company Reports

Individual Company Reports allow your members to easily compare their data submission to published benchmarking studies and industry market reports.

Custom Industry Market Reports

Once your members receive valuable market information, the next step is using it to evaluate their company’s performance to the market. Our custom industry market reports are created based on each member’s specifications and often include the following metrics and more:

  • Market share trends
  • Growth rate comparison
  • Price per unit trends
  • Specific brand performance
  • Views in multiple exchange rates
  • Market segment analysis
  • Interactive reports and dashboards

Custom Benchmarking Reports

A highly sought after addition to our association benchmarking studies are individually customized benchmarking reports. Vault provides survey participants with customized benchmarking reports that are easily interpreted and show company data alongside that of the industry at large and/or the segment that most closely matches their profile. These customized benchmarking reports can also contain rankings or quartile information for the various ratios and metrics in the report.