Interactive Reporting & Dashboards

Vault offers interactive reports and dashboards that allow your association executives and members to easily explore results from every angle, make connections, answer questions and find meaningful insights. Features include:

  • Rich charting
  • Visual interactivity
  • Smart visualizations
  • Unrestricted sharing and mobility

Our interactive data visualizations empower organizations to explore, analyze, and collaborate anywhere, anytime and on any device.


Experience it for yourself by trying our demo below.


Executive Dashboard

Why it matters

Static view reports and visualizations only show a single view of data that often spurs follow-up questions like, “why did this happen?” or “what are the implications?” Using our cloud-based platform, users simply make custom selections to refine views and answer their own questions. This helps association executives at all levels to be resourceful, efficient and productive – while alleviating pressure on your IT and Research staff who are often overburdened with internal requests.