Member Needs Assessments and Issue Driven Surveys

Keeping abreast of evolving customer needs is a challenge that Vault helps many clients overcome. Organizations often lack personnel who are experienced in the type of research and survey methodologies needed to obtain accurate and up-to-date data.
Vault specializes in helping organizations gain actionable insight into the concerns and opinions of their audiences by developing customized survey instruments, reports and research.

Member Needs Assessments

Our experts can produce a Membership Needs Assessment Survey that collects, analyzes and reports member feedback in a timely and user-friendly manner. Asking the right questions of your members can help identify two categories of benefits your association should pay attention to: 1) those membership benefits the members find the most important and 2) those they feel need the most improvement. Fueled with this intelligence, you are poised to allocate and utilize your resources appropriately.

Vault also believes that garnering feedback from lapsed and non-members provides another layer of valuable insight and our comprehensive member needs assessments often include interviews with these audiences.

Advocacy Support Research

Vault helps associations by conducting issue driven surveys that can be used to inform legislative and regulatory advocacy efforts. We regularly collect confidential information from association members and hard-to-reach audiences to support lobbying efforts on time-sensitive industry-specific issues.