Jim McCarthy

CLP, Chairperson, Royalty Rates and Deal Terms Survey, Licensing Executive Society (LES) USA/Canada

When describing Vault, it is difficult to know where to begin. Several years ago, the Licensing Executive Society USA / Canada embarked on a major survey initiative. Initiating a new project or initiative always entails a certain degree of uncertainty, ambiguity and unease. Working with Vault, those concerns were readily eliminated. Once underway, the project was characterized by a single project team comprised of LES members and Vault employees working in unison. Challenges were addressed, alternatives pursued and execution performed with stellar results. Most important is that Vault took the lead, maintained the pace and never backed off waiting for someone else to take an initiative. The best testimony of the experience is that LES has now conducted several additional survey projects with Vault, including expansion to a global market with the Licensing Executive Society International (LESI). Actions speak louder than words and the “actions” of the Vault collaboration and execution speak clearly. In essence, our Vault experience has been the epitome of a partnership and I look forward to working with their incredible team on another project.