Vault Consulting Leverages Big Data, Makes Big Splash at CompTIA Annual Member Meeting

Last month, Vault Principal & Managing Director Toby Palmer joined leading information technology industry experts at the CompTIA Annual Member Meeting, where he co-presented a session on building revenue while solving end user challenges with Vault’s longtime client and CompTIA Senior Vice President Tim Herbert.

What are some of the challenges customers are facing? How can you help solve them AND grow your business? These are a few of the questions Palmer and Herbert asked, and for which they presented examples, unique solutions, and revenue opportunities designed to improve the business endeavors of meeting attendees.

Improve they did — intrigue and inform, too.

Vault Consulting is “building lucrative practices around big data…”

…as they draw the attention of IT industry publications web-wide.

The following content was originally published by MSPmentor on March 24, 2016.

“Earlier this year, a team of accountants and data specialists launched Vault, which was spun from Veris Consulting, a company that specializes in forensic accounting services. Vault’s focus is on outsourced accounting and full-service research programs. The company’s research arm helps associations, non-profits and their affiliates develop surveys and studies, field them, collect the data and put the information to use.

The company’s work with business intelligence and analytics technology puts it at the center of many of its customers’ functional departments, including their information technology, research and marketing business units. Though virtually everything it does revolves around advanced technology, the company insists that it is “not trying to sell IT,” which brings me back to Vault’s appearance at AMM this week in Chicago.

Tim Herbert, senior vice president of market research and intelligence at CompTIA, told MSPMentor that he invited the company, which has done some work for CompTIA, to present at AMM to give solution providers insights on how they might be able to put data to use, regardless of their business model. At AMM, Palmer showcased work the company did for a DC-area medical association. The association engaged Vault to modernize a research project that culminated in a major report that the association sold back to its members. In previous years, the report was always printed. Some editions, however, did not sell enough copies to cover the cost of production. So rededicating to produce the report each new year was always a bit of a crap shoot. What is more, the printed product severely constrained how the association could present its data.”

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