Visual and Effective Financial Reporting

Financial presentations are important to the success of any organization. However, many individuals have difficulty presenting financial information in such a way that engages their audience and sends a clear, easy to understand message.

Providing too much information or too many details can quickly lose the attention and focus of your audience. Sometimes financial presentations have no direction or the message simply isn’t clear. Without the right information, the organization will not be able to advance their mission or meet future goals.

There are multiple steps when creating a financial presentation. Following these steps will allow you create an effective presentation, focused around the needs and goals of your audience. This helps build trust and keeps your audience engaged.

Know Your Audience

Prior to creating a financial presentation, it’s important to learn all that you can about your audience. Consider the people you will be presenting to and which information will be most relevant to them. This will help you avoid presenting a lot of irrelevant details. Once you know your audience, you can determine the most appropriate message.

Tell Your Story

Next, you will need to present your story. This will include what happened, why it matters, and what can be done in the future. Be sure to discuss how this story aligns with the mission or goals of the organization, as well as the strategic plan and other information being presented.


It’s important to simplify your presentation so that the information provided is clear and easy to understand. Focus on only the key points that match the message you’re attempting to convey. Remember, that your audience might not understand all of the acronyms and accounting jargon that you’re accustomed to. Be sure to provide explanations when needed.

Grab Their Attention

Begin your presentation with your main point. This will draw in your audience and capture their attention from the start. This is crucial if you wish to keep them engaged. Prior to your presentation, think of exactly what you’d like to say and how you will say it.

Use Pictures to Enhance Impact

Use clear, easy to understand graphs and images to enhance the impact of your presentation. Do not present your audience with detailed reports, which can be difficult to read. The idea is that your audience will listen to what you have to say as opposed to spending too much time and effort trying to interpret complex images or reports.

Open Dialogue

Make sure that you give your audience an opportunity to respond. Having a two-way dialogue increases trust and allows you to better understand the needs and goals of your audience.

Outsourced Accounting and Financial Management Services

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