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Blog: Celebrating 5 years of Growth

Celebrating 5 years of Growth

Many at Vault Consulting would agree that the motto “work hard; play hard” is not a slogan embroidered on a company shirt or a quote printed on recruiting material with no substance to back the message. Russell St. Onge, a manager in the research unit, validates the notion that Vault employees are recognized for their hard work, “our traditions reflect the focus of Vault on families and employees.” To illustrate further, when one of the principals at the tight-knit firm became seriously ill, the whole staff willingly came together to help facilitate her recovery and make the workload transition as smooth as possible. “Everybody was busy, but they stepped up and covered for me, in many cases shielding me so I could recover from my illness,” shares Principal and Managing Director Meredith Vogt. 

Vault celebrates employees each year during annual retreats and elegant holiday parties, but the way in which the firm genuinely recognizes staff is embedded in their commitment to internal growth. “People are our number one asset,” contributes Vogt. As the firm continues to expand, and Vault begins projecting what the next five years could look like, Principal Wes Tomer foresees a very lucrative future for internal growth, “[we’d like to] invite more people in and expand opportunities.” 

With the confidence that today’s staff members will be tomorrow’s leaders, internal programming and enrichment benefits are all channels the leadership team uses to bestow upon staff members their decades of expertise. The internally developed curriculum of technical practice and corporate engagement along with the formal mentorship program does not fully culminate in all the initiatives put in place to track staff on the road to success. 

“We really focus our investments on our people, process, and systems. What that allows us to do is provide better services to our clients and resources for our Vaulters,” shares Chief Operating Officer Amy Horner, who founded the Vault U professional development program that now has seventy internally taught and developed courses. 

Employing robust professional development offerings, including various forms of continued education, is a sure way to attract talented professionals. “We are always looking to build our teams to ensure we have diverse people with different educational backgrounds,” St. Onge adds. 

Based on their commitment to personnel, the firm has noted other areas of growth in the past five years. Horner spells out the balanced approach to exceptional service for a growing client roster, “staff has increased by 150 percent, and Vault has close to two hundred clients now.” 

Senior manager of the outsourced accounting unit and the firm’s first hire, Lawren Gewecke, reveals the substantial and rapid increase in client acquisition is attributed to the the tone at the top, “in the past five years, we have grown our client roster fast, and this is a testament to leadership.” 

In return, it can also be said that clients benefit directly from Vault’s commitment to personnel. Long time outsourced accounting client, John Lyboldt, shares, “Vault helped us implement better reporting, which facilitated decision making and transparency.” Remaining accountable for staying current on industry best practices and technical expertise is, in part, why the professional services firm has seen growth and success in the past five years.