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Blog: How Do Interactive Reports and Dashboards Work? Why Does My Association Need One?

How Do Interactive Reports and Dashboards Work? Why Does My Association Need One?

Interactive Reports and Dashboards connect application programming interfaces (APIs) with business systems already in use including accounting software, Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems, email, website analytics, and more. This creates an all-in-one solution that puts all of the information and data necessary to get the job done in one convenient location, in a streamlined and accessible format.

Interactive Reports and Dashboards simplify a number of business processes and provide users with instant access to important data. This increases efficiency and productivity while reducing the chance of human error.

What Are the Benefits of Using Interactive Reports and Dashboards?

Vault Consulting has developed its own Interactive Reporting and Dashboard service to provide association executives and staff with customizable access to real-time data. With this tool, nonprofit professionals can develop a detailed understanding of the complex relationships formed between data sets and how these relationships might affect current or future business endeavors.

By implementing Vault’s Interactive Reports and Dashboard service, associations gain instant access to actionable data at any time from any device that connects to the Internet. This makes it possible for leaders to make data-driven decisions on a moment’s notice, regardless of their physical location in the world.

Nonprofit organizations that see the inherent value in the implementation of Vault Consulting’s Interactive Reports and Dashboards benefit from numerous features including:

  • Custom selections with access to any statistic requested
  • Search capabilities – ability to find relationships in data
  • Access to analytics anywhere, anytime, and on any device
  • Rules based security (Users only have access to their data and industry; data will not be disclosed if there isn’t enough participation)
  • Export functionality (Figures can be downloaded into Excel for additional analysis)
  • Rich charting
  • Visual interactivity
  • Unrestricted sharing and mobility

In addition to being customizable and fully flexible, Vault Consulting’s Interactive Reports and Dashboards help alleviate pressure on IT and research staff who are often overburdened with internal queries. This helps ensure association executives at all levels are resourceful and productive while improving organization-wide efficiency.

Please contact us for more information about our services and our Interactive Reports and Dashboards.