Hailey Eaves

Senior Analyst, Research
Hailey Eaves




Bachelor of Arts in English, University of Virginia 

Master of Science in Commerce, Marketing and Management, University of Virginia  

Hailey brings a right-brained approach to data analytics on the research team. With a detail-oriented mindset, she collaborates with the Vault team to generate precise data analysis. She uses insightful problem-solving abilities to design and maintain databases for Vault clients. To ensure the utmost data accuracy of client reports, Hailey assists in aggregating market research data and conducting detailed reviews of the data. She also applies her background in English and communication expertise to write reports based on primary market research conducted at Vault.  
Outside of work, Hailey loves running the roads of the DMV area around sunrise. She is an aspiring chef and enjoys learning new techniques to feed her friends and family.  
Hailey is a Double Hoo, graduating consecutively with a Bachelor of Arts in English and a Master of Science in Commerce before joining the Vault team.