Ian Santo Domingo, MBA

Principal & Managing Director
Ian Santo Domingo, MBA


University of Virginia Alumni Board:

Committee Member

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American Society of Association Executives:

  • Consultants Task Force  
  • Former Participant, Communication Professionals Advisory Council  
  • Former Participant, Diversity + Inclusion Committee 
  • Former Participant, Marketing Professional Advisory Council  
  • Former Participant, Research Committee


Master of Business Administration in Management & International Business, The George Washington University, School of Business 

Bachelor of Arts in Economics with a concentration in Finance, University of Virginia 

Managing Director, Research Business Unit

Ian has been leading teams in the association industry for almost twenty years, including a decade of leading auditing efforts for a tech industry event with hundreds of thousands in attendance. He embraces the skillsets that each team member brings to the table and firmly believes that when combined, it is those skills that bring clients the results they need to stay up-to-speed on both micro and macro insights. 

To offer clients the best solutions for securing sensitive information while creating flexible ways to visualize their data, he works closely with Vault’s Software Development Team. As a team where the sum is truly greater than its parts, they stay current on customization options and state of the art implementations within the interactive reporting tools that Vault employs and how they interact with the ecosystem of customized data portals developed at Vault.  

Ian views his clients’ pain points as challenges he is determined to take on. He has consistently leveraged this mindset to solve some of the biggest problems his clients have brought to him. Recently, he stabilized the uncertainties of a large trade association switching from an outdated third-party vendor to a partnership model with Vault, all while working at the speed of light to migrate data and launch a new nation-wide modernized data program. Ian is not only receptive to the ancillary needs of clients but honored when partners ask his team to contribute to accompanying projects that coincide with research programs, such as co-authoring articles based on market trends or demographic findings.  

For Ian, no challenge is too great to overcome. After having completed two triathlons and two one-hundred-mile bike races, he is working towards completing an Olympic length triathlon. However, relaxing and spending time with his wife and two small children bring him the most joy.  

Ian received his bachelor’s degree in Economics along with a concentration in Finance from The University of Virginia. He also earned his MBA from the George Washington University. Ian has also been a featured speaker at multiple events such as ASAE’s Annual Conference, Venable’s nonprofit speaker series, Insights Association’s CFO Conference, Executive Roundtable Series, and the Envelope Manufacturers Association’s Annual Conference.