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Blog: Recruitment Strategies in a Tight Labor Market

Recruitment Strategies in a Tight Labor Market

Understand Your Nonprofit’s Recruitment Strategy

Recruitment is more than finding someone with the right skills and experience for a job. It’s also about developing a relationship with the candidate and learning about their skills, knowledge, and goals. It helps you to make a more informed decision about whether or not the candidate is a good fit for your organization.

A well-crafted recruitment strategy can help your organization to save time and money, improve its employee retention rate, and boost its overall productivity. There are many strategies that employers can use to recruit talent in a tight labor market. Some of these include:

  1. Build relationships. Artificial intelligence will not replace human resources as it is a face-to-face function. It is also a function that requires respect and transparency, which are variables built under Vault’s recruitment strategy.
  2.  Focus on skillsets and adaptability rather than perfection. When looking at a prospective candidate, analyze their skillset and adaptability, not whether they’re perfect. People who aren’t fit for one role may flourish in another.
  3.  Fill resource gaps. Rather than finding the perfect candidate, focus on filling resource gaps. Understand the business units and their needs.
  4.  Maintain relationships. Rejecting good candidates doesn’t mean the relationship ends there. Reach out to previous applicants when new roles emerge. It might not be the right timing even when you’ve found a great candidate.
  5.  It’s all about timing. When roles open, fill them. Encourage management to allot a certain amount of time to fill the position; otherwise, take dated posts down to avoid companies seeming like unresponsive employers.

Here are some additional tips for recruitment strategies to consider:

  1. Be prepared to move quickly. Once you find a candidate you’re interested in, be prepared to make moves. The best candidates may have multiple offers, so you must act quickly to secure their services.
  2.  Be flexible with your hiring process. In a tight labor market, you may need to be flexible with your hiring process. It could mean waiving specific requirements, such as a college degree, or offering a shorter interview process.

Following these recruitment strategies can increase your chances of finding and hiring the talent you need to grow your organization. For more information and insight, feel free to contact Vault Consulting.

Kendra Janevski, SPHR, SHRM-SCP
Kendra Janevski, SPHR, SHRM-SCP
Kendra’s varied background in non-profit organizations, associations and consulting is the perfect fit to lead Vault’s outsourced HR business unit. She drives creative process improvement for internal systems, designs forward-thinking policies and programs,...
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