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Blog: How Primary Market Research Can Benefit Associations and Nonprofits

How Primary Market Research Can Benefit Associations and Nonprofits

Understanding your member universe allows you to develop the most comprehensive strategy for maintaining and growing your membership. PRIMARY MARKET RESEARCH can support your membership strategy. 

Associations gather primary market research data through a variety of efforts including surveys and focus groups. An association may conduct the primary market research themselves or hire an outside consulting firm to collect research on their behalf.

When done right, primary market research can answer of number of questions such as: 

  • What are my membership personas?
  • Are members satisfied with the current benefits?
  • Which benefits are most important to members? Are they satisfied with them?
  • How can I increase my member retention rate? 

This information helps sets the foundation for an effective strategy. 

Primary Market Research Helps Solve Problems

Primary market research allows associations to have a high level of control over the type of data collected. This makes it possible for non-profits to target a specific audience and address the issues that matter most. 

Associations achieve the greatest benefits from primary market research when they enlist the help of an experienced market research company like Vault Consulting. Vault Consulting understands the proper way to collect and analyze data. Our team knows how to interpret data based on the unique needs and requirements of each association we work with. Our services allow associations to take a proactive approach when creating their strategy.

Types of Primary Market Research

Primary market research involves generating research from scratch as opposed to locating data collected from other sources. Associations might conduct a survey, interview key opinion leaders, or administer focus groups. The type of method used will depend on the goal of the association. 

A quality primary research program will help the association learn who their members are and help segment the audience to create more personalized messaging. Primary market research can increase support of an association’s brand and help associations better understand how they compare to other organizations. 

In addition to learning about members, primary market research also allows associations to test new messaging on their target audience. 

How Primary Market Research Increases Member Retention and Grows Membership  

Members want to feel engaged. When people feel engaged, they feel valued and are more likely to view an organization as valuable. Primary market research allows associations to learn how to properly engage with their members. This increases the likelihood that members stick around and share information with like-minded people. 

Once associations have a better understanding of their members and the ways in which they interact with the association, they have the tools needed to attract new members and increase member retention. 

Market Research Provider

Are you effectively using primary market research to offer value to your members, grow your   membership or optimize your online presence? 

Best in class associations recognize the value of primary market research and turn to Vault Consulting to make the most of their research dollar. Our association expertise paired with extensive experience in primary market research makes us uniquely positioned to meet your needs.

Please CONTACT US for more information about our primary market research programs for associations and nonprofits.

Laura Clark, IPC
Laura Clark, IPC
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