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Blog: Track How COVID-19 is Affecting Members

Track How COVID-19 is Affecting Members

COVID-19 is not discriminant towards any one industry. In recent weeks, we’ve seen how the current pandemic has endangered not only the physical health of Americans but also the way in which we conduct our everyday functions—including work. Associations have been directly impacted in many ways but are equally empathetic to the hardships being felt by the member organizations and individuals they exist to serve. In response, professional and trade associations are scrambling to stay relevant and help members get through the current pandemic. By promptly gathering information right now, associations can determine how to help their memberships.

You Won’t Know, Unless You Ask.

Director of Primary Market Research, Laura Clark, encourages associations to use the disruption presented by COVID-19 as a propellent to pivot their value to members with different solutions.

Vault’s issue-driven studies can help associations gather feedback from members on how they can deliver value in ways concurrent with today’s challenges. The research team at Vault takes a collaborative approach with association leaders to recommend a variety of methods for gathering data, including formats that can be accommodated virtually and efficiently.

Asking members open-ended questions, either in virtual focus groups or online surveys,  is a good way for associations looking to get a deep dive into how they can meet members’ needs; however, Director of Survey Research, Rachel Dobis understands that members of trade associations may be pressed for time and more inclined to participate in a brief COVID-19 Impact Survey.

Get Fast Data, Now.

Brief COVID-19 Impact Surveys are multiple-choice online surveys sent out by email either weekly or every other week that will take members less than five minutes to complete. These surveys will take a pulse of the industry, which will give trade associations—particularly in the manufacturing realm– insight on how the pandemic is affecting market trends, shipments, production, supply chain, staffing, etc. As a result, trade associations will be more attuned on how to best support their memberships.

As current events continue to unfold each day, member organizations in trade associations are likely looking for on-the-spot guidance on pressing items. In response to the urgency, Vault can launch a program like this in 2-3 business days.

Open A Window into the Future State of the Industry.

Similarly, for trade associations representing manufacturing plants looking for longitudinal studies, Vault can help position associations as the leading sources of information on key market trends for their industries by launching customized programs that collect, analyze, and report on aggregate member and customer data. “It might be worth starting the process now, seeing as how in a few months’ time that vital information would gauge the impact and recovery as the economy bounces back,” recommends Dobis.

Accommodating Existing Programs

By the same token, Vault can help make the necessary adjustment to current engagements. “We’re flexible and our priority is to support our clients, even if that means making changes to whatever programs we currently have running,” reassures Dobis.

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Laura Clark, IPC
Laura Clark, IPC
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