Industry Market Reports

If you run a trade association, your organization is uniquely positioned to provide the leading source of information on key market trends for your industry. By implementing a customized industry market report program that collects, analyzes and reports on aggregate member and customer data, you can produce research that provides crucial business intelligence on trends and competitive movements within your sector.

Vault partners with associations to produce:

  • Market Size and State of the Industry Reports
  • Production and Detailed End-use Sales Reports
  • Capacity and Inventory Reports


Due to the sensitive nature and confidentiality of industry sales data, Vault adheres to the latest security procedures and guidelines, including:

  • Restricted access to confidential information
  • Encrypted technology
  • Strict enforcement of program guidelines to prevent disclosure of any individual company data


Vault implements procedures to verify the integrity and accuracy of the data, including:

  • The confirmation of large variances in company trends
  • A review of all data before publication
  • The conduction of annual on-site reviews to verify the accuracy of company submissions


Understanding that each organization has unique technology needs, Vault will work closely with you to develop an easy to use, customized industry market report program. Our clients’ needs range from low-tech data submission and reporting tools to robust web-based applications that may include:Interactive Reports and Dashboards->Custom Market Share Reports->

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Our experienced consultants will carefully review your current industry market program while keeping your organization’s strategic goals in mind. To inform our assessment, we will:

  • Review your current procedures and program documents
  • Gather input from your stakeholders and research taskforce
  • Evaluate sources of research funding
  • Benchmark your research initiative against other successful programs