Vault Consulting takes care of the [outsourced] accounting, so you don’t have to.

Vault Consulting is the in the business of outsourced accounting and financial management. You’re in the nonprofit business. The best, most successful organizations have recognized the value of… keeping it that way.

Vault Consulting provides a full range of outsourced accounting and financial management solutions to help associations and nonprofits focus on their strengths, while taking advantage of ours. As a result, our clients are freed to focus on growing membership, controlling costs and improving bottom-line results for their organizations. As more and more organizations look outside internal teams for specialized accounting and financial management services, ranging from transactional accounting to roles and duties otherwise served by a senior-level CFO, Vault Consulting has the solution your organization is looking for, offering:

  • Full or partial outsourced accounting services
  • In-house or off-site services
  • Temporary staffing

Vault Consulting understands your nonprofit organizations faces unique challenges in today’s global business market. From specialized accounting to board, grant and tax reporting requirements, our highly experienced consultants have built careers serving the outsourced accounting needs of the nonprofit sector and provide in-depth internal control and financial management expertise whether you need ongoing support, or if you simply require a third-party assessment.

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Outsourced Accounting & Financial Management

Protect the long-term financial health of your nonprofit with outsourced accounting and financial management services from Vault Consulting With a decision to outsource some or all accounting and financial management respon...


CFO Services

Vault Consulting is the CFO you need. Trust us when we say you need an experienced outsourced CFO by your side. With an outsourced CFO from Vault Consulting in your corner, you’ll see a transformation take place. Gain bet...


Audit Preparation

Audit preparation doesn’t have to be a headache. Let Vault Consulting help.  In the world of nonprofit organizations and associations, audits happen every year, right on schedule. And as every such organ...


Financial & Internal Control Assessment

One of the most critical flash points to deter and prevent fraud is an organization’s ability to establish and monitor critical internal controls over its accounting and financial functions. Nonprofit organizations often have limited resources – ...


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