Jake Sweeney

Senior Manager, Research
Jake Sweeney


Bachelor of Arts in Economics with a minor in Mathematics from James Madison University

Masters in Economics from George Mason University

Jake is a leader in innovation with a passion for efficiency. Since joining Vault in 2013, Jake has worked with countless clients to improve their data reporting programs with informative reports containing actionable data insights. With years of experience developing and managing statistical research programs for nonprofit industry associations, Jake brings a range of technical skills and industry knowledge to every client consultation.

Unafraid of a challenge, Jake is quick to take on new clients, help them identify pain points, and then learn the new programs and skills that are necessary to present the best solution for client dilemmas. His expertise in identifying problems, whether among data, working processes, or team functioning, makes him a well-rounded manager adept at creating efficient workflows.

Jake’s skillset spans a variety of data compilation tools. He leads the way in implementing technical tools in coding and visualizations to increase productivity and efficiency at every step of data reporting. At Vault, Jake is known for his ability to break new ground. He is a quick learner and proficient in laying the foundation for new projects by building efficient technical frameworks. Jake guides the research team by teaching them new skills he picks up so that the team can simultaneously evolve to meet client needs.

Jake received his Master of Arts in Economics from George Mason University and a Bachelor of Arts in Economics from James Madison University. When he isn’t innovating to solve his client’s latest issues, he enjoys firing up his Green Egg smoker to grill for friends and family in Northern Virginia, where he lives with his wife.